All who encounter great architecture are met first not by solidity, proportion or magnitude, but by the highest ambitions of the client and the enduring will of the architect to serve them. Architecture itself continues to be a profoundly optimistic venture towards our aspirations of today becoming the inspirations of tomorrow creating an everlasting impression for others. Our work begins by amassing the collaborative talents of our people throughout the world to study our client's business, brand and mission. Using our in-depth understanding of their challenges and the context in which they're competing, we combine the knowledge and expertise of our teams to exceed their goals and set new standards.

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Whether it’s a private residence, hotel, or yacht, HLA’s designers draw on the client’s needs and ambitions to help create a truly bespoke luxurious space. By maintaining close ties with operators as well as owners, we are able to develop a greater perception of their requirements in order to create a relaxing environment in which guests feel at home, while simultaneously maximising the revenue-earning potential of the property. We offer interiors with the often-quoted ‘WOW FACTOR’ yet retain the ‘fitness for purpose’ and ‘value for money’. These principles are never sacrificed for gimmicks, which may work in the short-term but will not withstand the test of time.


In essence, appropriate furnishings reinforce the design concept of a project and influence the way that people perceive and interact with its buildings. With our combined force of specialist custom designers, experienced FF&E specifications writers, our acquisition management expertise and our long history of sourcing a wide assortment of products directly from global artisans and manufacturers as well as our leveraged buying power; we are committed to exploring the hospitality trends of tomorrow to achieve more comprehensive solutions that can bring added value and benefits to our clients, occupants and users.


HLA has successfully undertaken master planning projects in China, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen, where sustainable design principles underpin each and every commission. Striving to achieve a balance in design between ecological, social and economic factors, we seek to mitigate the climate change impacts, promote sustainable use of resources, conserve and maintain site ecology, support economic contribution to local area and assemble places that enhance the needs of body and soul. In an immersive and collaborative process, we bring expertise to our clients and support them with locally based, industry specific teams.


HLA analyses business processes and directs the work of the consultant’s team. We coordinate, monitor and review the work of the sub consultants and specialist designers, arrange team meetings and plan work stages, programmes and progress reports. Furthermore, we advise our clients on the need to appoint additional advisors, consultants or specialist designers, the choice of procurement routes as well as contract and contract conditions. In addition, we establish change control procedures at key stages, assist our clients in defining selection criteria for contractors, prepare pre-qualification questionnaires and coordinate the review of tenders.


During all design stages of our projects, HLA makes extensive use of 3D visualisations in order to explore concepts and forms and assist in our clients' design reviews. From smaller residential commissions to large-scale master plans, freehand sketches, working models and computer generated modelling are invaluable tools that enable the explanation and exploration of ideas both for us and for our clients, operators and consultants team. Using the latest technology and software, we are able to produce photorealistic images to ensure everyone positively understands the ‘vision’ for a new project.

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